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With the winter coats from Canada Goose, you don't have to worry about getting cold. Canada is known as one of the coldest countries in the world. Because of the Canadian identity of this brand, the jackets can withstand extremely low temperatures and bad weather conditions. The best thing about these down jackets is that they are not only warm, but that they look cool as well.


In 1957 it all started. Then all kinds of different outdoor clothing was developed. This outdoor clothing ensured that people stayed warm in harsh weather conditions. Sam Tick was the one behind the then Metro Sportswear LTD. A few years later, son-in-law David Reiss decided to join the company. Through an innovative idea new life is blown into Metro Sportswear Ltd. This company was renamed Snow Goose and a few years later the name was changed permanently. Canada Goose is a fact.

In 1982 a Canadian climbed Mount Everest successfully for the first time. This was made possible by the specially designed winter jacket from Canada Goose.


Jurgen Langezaal Concept has the classic models of this winter coat brand. These include parkas, bombers and classic down jackets. Each jacket has an indication of the circumstances it is designed to withstand. The winter coats for men are water- and windproof. That's why you can be sure that you are well protected against the most wintry conditions.


Since 2011 every jacket has a hologram of the logo. In addition, the logo patch is a landmark of a real jacket. It should be embroidered on the jacket with the right font and colors. Finally, a fake Canada Goose jacket can be recognized by the shiny material on the jacket and the "strips" of down on the back. While an authentic jacket does not contain these strips on the back.

At Jurgen Langezaal Concept you will find a large assortment of Canada Goose winter coats for men . These products are all of high quality and will therefore not disappoint.

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